Ann Worthington

Ann Worthington

Tales of Nash


Triumph or tragedy? For seventeen-year-old Nash, the summer was both.

At first, leaving his friends in Portland to live in the woods seemed like a horrible idea. Who lives without television, video games, and the internet? But, with patience and guidance from his grandfather, the beauty of nature casts its spell, and Nash flourishes like the garden under his care. But when the police arrest Nash and accuse him of murder, fear and doubt paralyze him. Did he make the biggest mistake of his life? Nash must decide whether to tell the truth about what happened or say nothing and let a jury decide.

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Reviews and Ratings

“Ann Worthington creates a saga that begins with a desire to run away from something, but evolves into a story of running into one’s strengths and individuality . . . a powerful tale that is embedded both in nature and family and social adversity.”  

— Midwest Book Review

“Highly recommend – got caught up in the story immediately.”

 — Amazon review, 5 star rating