Ann Worthington

Ann Worthington

1. If you had to describe your life in three words, which ones would you choose?

2. Do you think Nash was right to “help” his grandfather? Why or why not?

3. Does the book make you think more about end-of-life decisions, assisted suicide, or a person’s right to die? Why or why not?

4. How do you feel about Nash’s mother Kimberly?

5. Did the book leave you feeling hopeful for Nash and his future? Why or why not?

6. The story is written in chapters that alternate between the present and the past. Do you think the style is effective? Does it help Nash tell the story or does it hinder continuity?

7. Tales of Nash has an intentionally abrupt ending which allows readers to draw their own conclusions about Nash and his mother. What do you think about this choice? Would you have preferred an ending that provided more closure for the characters? Why or why not?

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